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Tgate SDP (Software Defined Perimeter)

Software Defined Perimeter

Tgate SDP is an open network security solution
designed with User ID Centric to improve the limitations
of existing Network Centric Security.
This is the world's first SDP and NAC are combined,
to realize 'Black Cloud'

About Information security?

Business is getting wider

In the 4th Industrial Revolution and the 5G era,
information is being produced and collected from various terminals
such as IoT as well as PCs.
It is converted from a on-premise system to an cloud system,
and rapidly changing into a super-connected intelligent society
using big data and AI. Now, as the use of the Internet
from outside becomes more active,
the importance of security becomes more and more important.

The problem is a security threat!

Need a differentiated security solution

Security threats exist everywhere, not just in the corporate network,
but also in the cloud. The existing network-based security solutions
based on the internal network use a layered security system
in each element, in order to strengthen the security,
it is necessary to block the source network through network separation,
and the 'security cost' is increasing day by day.
For IT services in the business cloud environment using AI and BigData,
existing security devices have limitations.

Safe and free network! The answer is SDP

SDP connects secure communications securely outside the company, while
controlling applications associated with 'privileges granted to users'.

Do business safely anywhere in the world / No! IP exposure worry

Tgate SDP will help you to do your business freely


Server Stealth

- Difficult to identify attack target by hiding network information of target service


- SPA를 이용하여 허용 패킷 외에는 수신을 거부
(Single Packet Authorization, 장비, 사용자 인증에 사용되는 패킷)

Dynamic FW

- Whitelist-based firewall
- Change Permit / Block access in real time according to the situation
- If there is no access within a few seconds even if there is access permission policy, change to blocking status

App Binding

- Available develop SDP application by using SDK
- According to Tgate SDP policy, SDP communication is possible only for the application registered
by the administrator


- Provides secure network by IPSEC secure tunnel communication

Secure network security solution for Zero-Trust

For safe and free business anytime, anywhere, Tgate SDP provides the best security solution.
You can realize "Black Cloud" at a low cost with strong security and ease of construction and operation.

Prevent unauthorized or unregistered devices(laptop, desktop, mobile, Iot)
from starting connections by SDP authorization.

Because of policies restrict access to certain services and hosts, access to the network segmanet or subnet is not granted.
This minimizes the network attack area and prevents malicious users or software from scanning ports and vulnerabilities.

SDP system makes access decisions based on a variety of risk criteria,
including threat information, malware proliferation, and new software.

With SDP technology, you can connect to the IT services your employees need
without having to pay for annoying administrative or additional hardware costs.

SDP can control programs and devices that can access certain services by specifying.
In this case, it prevents malicious users or malware from connecting to the resource.

Work from home is recommended cause of the Coronavirus!

But the problem is security

The world is in an emergency by Coronavirus.
As a result, many IT companies are responding
by encouraging work from home, but when they try to work
outside the company's network, security becomes a problem.
In order to solve this problem, we would like to provide 'Tgate SDP',
a security solution necessary for 'Work from home',
for 3 months free of charge.

Security solution for 'Home Working'!

Tgate SDP (Software Defined Perimeter)

Tgate SDP Service Configuration

How to apply for service and installation process

Tgate SDP Gateway System Requirements

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