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Centrally controlled IP management in

real-time Integrated IP Management System

TCO!secuIP is an effective IT Resource system
that integrates and manages complex and diverse
IPs on the network configuration.

TCO! SecuIP is an effective IT Resource system
that integratesand manages complex and
diverse IPs on the network configuration.

Using the current manual management has high security risk and is
difficult to control the endpoints connected to the internal
network from security breaches, information leakage and
other network related threats. Therefore, a tool that enhances
the concept of network resource management
and security tool are needed.


Obtain all the company’s IP Asset in real-time

From the time of installation, we collect the company’s IP recourses real-time to identify all
the IP and devices that are being used.

Check on-line and off-line state in real-time

It is possible to check all the on-line and off-line endpoints real-time.

Distinguish various devices

You can check various devices such as Windows, Linux, printer, iPhone, iPad,
Android phones, Blackberry phones and internet phone.

Check VoIP phone’s telephone number

You can detect VoIP phone, meaning Internet phone and its number to manage all
the internet phones that are being used inside the company.

Prevent pirate use of IPs

You can block the endpoints that uses arbitrary IP to access the network
without the administrator’s permission.

Setting DHCP IP allocation

By using self-developed DHCP server which allocates IP, specific endpoints are given
same IP, so that it is easy to figure out specific devices or users that use the designated IP.

Protect IP main devices clash

Protect the IP of critical equipment such switch, router, server from IP clash,
to secure important devices from possible network attack or error.

DHCP Server dualization through Helper IP

When there is a problem with allocating IP due to problem with agent device that are
being used at the office, through Helper IP, IP can be assigned by
the central server so that network works seamlessly at all time.

Switch Port Detection and Port Control

Switch ports connected to each endpoint can be checked and managed.
In case of particular endpoints security problem, the corresponding switch port is detected,
and the communication is blocked.
This process is like the communication personnel directly going to communication room
to pull out the LAN cable from the switch port.
Therefore, much more convenient and prompt action can be taken.

IP Request Function

New employee or partnership company’s visitor can use the network using
assigned IP by applying through IP application page.

Setting IP period of permission

Partnership company or outsourcing partners are given set amount of time to use IP.
When that period of time passes, IP usage is controlled automatically to maintain internal security.

IP Automatic circulation

IPs that have been off-line for a long time are considered to be unused IP and automatically
collected to prevent from being used for malicious purposes.

Control Exception through maker or authorization MACS

Specific endpoint manufacturer or an authorized MAC address can be given exceptions
from various IP control policies. Through this function, those who go on business trips,
using provided smartphones or VoIP phones can use the network conveniently.

Recent online, offline time check

Recent on-line and off-line time can be checked.

IP usage history management

It is easy to figure out IP usage, and report can be printed.

Extract all the data on console

All the data that are shown on administrator’s console can be printed
in excel form to edit more conveniently.

Induce PC agent installation

PC agents that are developed by MLsoft can be installed to all the PCs in the company.

Patented “Fake Gateway” Technology
can be applied to any network environment easily.

Wired and wireless Network Access Control System

MLsoft’s Fake Gateway Patented technology carry networking engine so that the system
can be installed to even the most complicated network configuration environment.
This technology is proven over the last decade and is already operating steadily in more
than hundreds of mid-to large scale clients.

Block Stage 1 [Logical block]
It is a basic block technology. Upon finding abnormal traffic, it immediately shuts down the communication.
It is a technology that maintains network operation while fighting with worm and defending the network.
In the worst case, it may not be able to prevent the switch load.

Block Stage 2 [Physical block]
By directly shutting off problematic device and connected switch port, it effectively shuts down similar
to a process of physically pulling out the LAN line. It is not an administrators’ manual shut down but
smart cut-off technology that automatically figures out anomaly and shut it off.

We offer faster speed than any existing networking technology.

We detect events that happen to the device and report to the administrator.

Real-time such as the endpoint network connection, on / off status, IP collision and so on.

Numerous types of endpoints can be checked by their types

Such as an Android phone, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry.

By being able to detect and check window OS, Linux OS, Printer and internet phone’s number real-time,
it is able to figure out which device is connected instantaneously.

As an endpoint networking technology accumulated for over 10 years,
it can be installed and used to any network environment safely and easily.

TCO!secuIP operating environment

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