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TCO!sam (Software Asset Management)

Common Software Management System

It is a system that detect and manage company’s software usage
such as piracy, illegal download and illegal software.

In case of public institutions, they are obligated to
implement Asset management to use legal Software
and appoint responsible administrator.
Furthermore, annual status check-up and
responsible personnel’s education must be performed.

After FTA between USA and Korea in November 2011 and Software Management
Regulation Act in June 2012, more importance has been put on American
software corporate’s copyrights and software regulations and crackdown of their
violation has become more and more serious.

By using commercial software management tool like TCO!sam,
companies and public institutions are able to obtain (SPC)’s accurate DB,
and figure out analysis of current SW situation, receive technical
support from expert when problems occur.

Another good reason why we recommend TCO!sam

By investing in illegal software management tools,
you can prevent paying for huge amount of settlement money or
criminal punishment in advance.

---- Important Phrase ----

"However, if the corporate body or individual
has taken measures to prevent such violation acts
and diligently paid much attention in advance,
penalty does not apply."


Identify status of Common/Illegal Software Total

Through dashboard, it is easy to figure out total commercial software status.
It is possible detect illegal software usage and estimate its cost.

Identify usage of software by department and by individual

By looking at illegal software usage reports by department, department that uses the
most illegal software can be checked. Also, by looking at individual usage and its cost,
appropriate action can be taken.

Accurate usage of SPC DB

By providing information that allow Software development companies to directly check
the installation of software and using collected SPC DB, the company can obtain most accurate data
identical to the enforcement program.

Print in the form of report according to the President

The company can print report that will be similar to one that will be produced during enforcement.
Furthermore, in case of public institution, report required by the Presidential
Directive can be printed to minimize the time spent to gather software information and producing reports.

Notify to the unauthorized software user

Employees who uses illegal software can be notified of its illegal usage in multiple methods such
as pop-up during booting, or regular notification. If necessary, email can be sent to
the employee’s email to notify of its use of illegal software.

Installation restriction / Usage restriction / Induce deletion Function

We provide various ways to restrict the use of illegal software. We offer various ways to block illegal software.
Installation restriction – Designated software installation is blocked from the beginning.
Usage restriction – Upon the operation of blocked software, it is automatically forced termination.
Deletion Inducement – While notifying the use of illegal software, UI is offered to delete the program.
In necessary cases, internet can be blocked until the illegal software is deleted.

User’s License usage Authorization request

Request employees to buy licensed program or provide user UI environment ,
to obtain using right so that wanted software can be purchased legally.

Easy License Authorization / Withdrawal / Redistribution Function

Check the employees’ license usage authorization. Once a certain employee leaves or
if the software usage is infrequent, license is collected, and redistributed to other employees
who are in need providing a cost-effective License management.

License Register Management

Easily manage current license registration. By attaching license certificate,
more effective license management is possible.

Q & A regarding TCO!sam

How do you check if the software is original or illegal?

After checking program registered in PCs used at workplace or in office using inspection disk, validation is required
for searched programs.Genuine software validation methods include showing license contract with genuine software
or site license.It can be replaced by tax invoices, delivery confirmation or purchase agreement.

What is the process of illegal copying enforcement?

First, the company is visited and searched for usage of illegal pirated Software, if such usage is found,
charges will be made. If the company submits letter of explanation and undergoes agreement process.
Once coming to an agreement, the original Software need to be purchased and damage indemnity shall be given
to the copyright holder. In some cases, the company is required to post public apology on the media or receive
copyrights related education. Then the charge will be lifted.However, despite coming to a settlement
if the cost of damage is greater, temporary imprisonment, meaning criminal penalties is possible.
And if an agreement cannot be made, criminal penalties and civil claim for damages can be made.

If an employee makes an illegally copy of a computer programs, does the CEO of the company gets penalized?

Not only do the user who installed illegal software get punished, but also CEO who has the obligation to prevent illegal copyright infringement are reliable for such violation.

Despite uninstalling software, illegal software can still be found through PC search. What should I do?
Could there be problem during enforcement?

If the TCO!sam search result shows that the program is not deleted, this could cause problem during enforcement. Even after the uninstallation process, if the files and folders are not completely deleted this can also be a problem.
Navigate to the location of the software, and delete the related folders.

Is there a way to easily investigate and manage all the PCs within the company?

Control functions are included in TCO!sam. An administrator can set period of time and date. User’s access to the
network is restricted until the users have searched for the illegal software. In addition, administrator
can request the deletion of illegal software installed in each endpoint User’s access to the internet or connection to
the network will be restricted without deleting the software when asked to do so.

I am very concern about information leakage upon discovering illegal software.

TCO!sam perform all the managerial work using the company’s internet network server and DB. Search result or existence of illegal software is known by only the company’s administrator.If there is no problem with the company’s network security, there is no need for concern of data leakage.


Convenient Dashboard

Administrator console is specially designed to be used without prior knowledge. It allows administrators to easily
use strong functions of TCO!sam for easy control and management.

Time-saving of the administrator through automation of search and control

TCO!sam’s search and control function is automated by the policy setting.
This dramatically reduces time spent on management.

The total cost of software for basic administrative PC is about $2000 USD. Among that, about $1000 USD worth of software are illegal or must be deleted.

TCO!sam easily and appropriately manages the company’s PC with accuracy in short amount of time. By consistently deleting illegal software, about $1000 worth of money can be saved for each device.

Furthermore, obligatory penalty fee upon being caught is 80% of the settlement fee which can be prepared ahead of time.

Trustworthy product without concerns of data leakage

TCO!sam is program that is installed inside the company’s serve/PC, and it is impossible for outsider
to connect to the server. It is designed so that all the data is managed by the clients themselves.

Furthermore, we never saves or possess client company’s private information or illegal software usage information.
Therefore, there is no concern about company’s data information leakage.

TCO!sam is Korea’s number 1 common software program management solution
create a safe working environment without having to worry
about illegal software with thousands of leading companies.

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