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IT Asset Management System provides cost

effectiveness with minimum investment

TCO!stream is Desktop Integrated management software that manages
all the PCs connected to the network.
Some of its functions include various types of error management,
Hardware Management, software management, software installation
and upgrade and illegal software check-up.

What is Asset Management?

Figuring out asset and managing it is essential for using that asset.
However, in case of large-scale company that have computer room,
manually figuring out possessed IT assets and managing
them is extremely difficult.

Furthermore, IT management is not a mere task of counting how many
PCs are there in a company, but using the possessed IT asset and
grasping distribution status, so that there is
no wasted resource and its usage can be maximized.

IT management solution like TCO!stream is a system that operates
such complicated task automatically to maximize the management
efficiency and minimize the cost

※ DMS stands for Desktop Management System,
and means IT Asset Management solution for PCs.

Desktop Integrity Management


Hardware Management

irst, figure out PC model and Hardware Specification that are used by all the employees from the center.
Specific hardware spec other than CPU model, Memory Capacity and type, HDD manufacturer and capacity
and OS can be figured out at a glance from the center.

Software Management

Figure out all the installed software within the company from the center.
Figure out software installation status by company, by department or by individual to effectively
manage software asset.

File Distribution

Representing the powerful technology of TCO!stream, it is able to distribute files and software from remote
location to the PC users in not only high speed network environment, but also low-speed network
environment of 56Kbps.Software can be distributed and start automatically.

Remote Control

When problems occur on a device, administrator can remotely control the device to solve any issue.
This practice is possible for dual monitor PCs as well as recent Windows OSes.
We offer various tools that help remote control such as drawing function.

Software Installation and Blocking its running

By using software installation block function, it is possible to block user from installing malignant software
or software that demand expensive license fee. For already installed software, by using operation block
function, operation of specific software can be blocked.

Software usage Check

Through software usage function (metering),
widely used software and less widely used software can be identified.
This function is also useful in identifying which users hardly use high-cost software
to redistribute the software to the new users.

PC Condition Check

Tool provided to check whether the PC is on or off. In necessary cases,
PC can be shut-down from the center through remote control.


We provide messaging function to aid seamless communication between
PC user and PC administrator.

Connecting with Patch Management Solution(TCO!hotpatch)

TCO!hotpatch is a professional patch management solution that interlocks to provide more systematic and
automatic window patch and security solution, which can be applied to all the PCs within the company.

Connecting with Common Software Management Solution(TCO!sam)

TCO!sam which is a commercial software management solution, connects to offer more accurate
and easy software license management. Furthermore, illegal software user can be controlled more easily.


Our system guarantee the most outstanding reliability and scalability
and is being used by large companies representing in various fields.

Finance - KB Kookmin Bank
Communication - SK Telecom and all the SK affiliated companies
Retail - Lotte Shopping and Lotte’s all affiliated companies
Steel Industry - POSCO
Internet - NHN
Department of Defense - the 200,000 armed forces

In Southeast Asia countries such as Malaysia we strongly compete with large-scale solution companies
such as MS, IBM and HP, and maintain number 1 market share. You can trust our product even
in variety of network environments for its stability and efficiency. In Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and other
satellite cities you’ll recognize that many companies uses our very own solution, TCO!stream to manage their endpoints.

Furthermore, China’s biggest Communication and cellphone manufacturer ZTE, which is chasing after Samsung electronics,Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance that direct Indonesia’s financial affairs, and Japan’s second biggest, Sumimoto bank all uses TCO!stream for their entire PC management. As shown, our solution’s safety is approved even in various network environment of overseas market. We are confident that TCO!stream can provide excellent PC management support and truly grow and reach out worldwide.

TCO!stream is Korea’s leading central PC management system that has been supporting
Korea’s PC management market since Win 95 era. We support all the existing Window PC with stability.
It is not easy to manage thousands, if not millions of PCs remotely from the center
IT administrators who struggle with numerous systematic error everyday pick TCO!stream as
the most error-free system.
TCO!stream will take the challenge to make a center system with 0% error!

We hope you achieve effective business environment with
TCO!stream with other leading companies!

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