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Automatic Patch distribution system that install

security patch to the company’s entire PCs

TCO!hotpatch automatically download and install Microsoft Window operation
system’s patch files such as important update, service pack, virus engine.
It is a product to optimize the user’s PC effectively.

The Necessity of Security Patch

Usually, first discovered security vulnerabilities can be solved by
simple patch upgrade or installation.

However, if the PC user does not recognize security vulnerability or
the necessity of patch management and neglect notifications,
those vulnerabilities add up. By then, the scope and level of exposure
to malware, worm, or virus
will cause irreparable damage
to the company’s network.

Therefore, it is important to know the importance of updating to most
recent patches and to manage the security vulnerabilities by
preparing for such threat in advance.

In order to maintain the company’s PC environment at
its optimal condition, the automatic patch distributing system
is needed so that the administrator do not need to
request patch update to each user one by one.


Patch Cloud System that is optimized for Security Patch

To distribute security patch most accurately, in the case of most critical Window Patch, patch design by the
same mechanism as MS update, also known as private cloud system, is used to operate
the client’s TCO!hotpatch system.

Smart Section Distribution

Automatically determine which patch is to be distributed by figuring the PC user’s OS and language
whether it be Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese in any type of Operating system

Setting automatic distribution of important patch

Important patch types may be installed to the company’s entire PC without the authorization
of the administrator immediately.

Stable patch is possible in even in location of weak bandwidth

Stable deployment is possible even in low-speed network environment of 56kbps.
Our system is used right at this moment with stability in South East Asian countries
where network environment is poor.

Patch Rollback

Upon finding problems with patch, roll back order can be given to cancel patch installation.
This minimizes the error caused by the patch itself.


Window Patch Management Function

Microsoft frequently provides Window’s current security patch.
However, in order to prevent PC reboot or because of the hassle it takes,
some users often neglect patch update. This leaves the administrator
extremely frustrated.

By using TCO!hotpatch’s Window patch function,
the administrator is able to perform Window patch update to all the
user’s PC. There is no need to for tension or hard-feelings with the
PC users. Furthermore, the PC user is able to focus on one’s
task instead of being pulled away from one’s main work.

Virus Engine and Pattern Update

It is extremely difficult for administrator to update purchased vaccine and
perform other updates of new software patch manually.
It is even harder to expect each employee to perform patch upon the
administrator’s notification. Furthermore, each user’s OS varies,
and providing different patch version can be a sticky situation.

By using TCO!hotpatch, administrator can effectively allow patch
distribution to select and distribute patch by department, by user
or by operation system. Furthermore,installation status can be checked,
so that workload can be reduced dramatically.

Restart Control and Schedule Function

For patch updates that require PC reboot, the user cannot operate
Patch during working hours, and performing patch update after
they finish work can be frustrating especially when they
have to deal with errors or rebooting process.
In such cases, how can perform patch update consistently?

TCO!hotpatch’s various patch application method such as “System restart
after distribution”function, “PUSH”, “PULL” schedule allow easy
and safe patch application and management.

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