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CC Certificate

CC Certificate is a certificate approved by the Agency for National
Security Planning for safety and reliability in security function.
This is a certificate to inform users of
the product’s safety and reliability upon using it.

[Corresponding Product]

Tgate (2013.05.08)
Tgate 2.5 (2015.11)

GS(Good Soft) Certificate

GS Certificate is a certificate to inform consumers and companies
of outstanding Software product and is given
to Software products that have reached a certain level
of quality after precise testing.
It is a certificate granted by the state.

[Corresponding Product]

Tgate (2013.07.30)
TCO!sam (2009.10)

Patent Registration

The patent is issued by the Korean Intellectual Property Office
for the purpose protecting and encouraging invention
and giving proprietary rights to
use the invention exclusively.

[Corresponding Product]

TCO!secuIP (2011.10)
TCO!sam (2013.08)
Tgate (2013.08)
TCO!stream (2013.08)

Public Procurement Service registration

Registered in Public Procurement Service,
and can be purchased at
“Country Marketplace Shopping Mall” easily.

[Corresponding Product]

TCO!secuIP (2013.07)

Selection as the Administration Software

Selection of Administrative Software is issued by the Ministry
of Public Administration and Security.
Once the testing is completed by Korea Software Industry Association,
the suitability Software for public administrative work is selected.

[Corresponding Product]

TCO!secuIP (2011.10)
TCO!sam (2013.08)
Tgate (2013.08)
TCO!stream (2008.08)

IPv6 Ready

The IPv6 Ready logo can use IPv6.
By showing that it is ready for use Fitnes
to increase user confidence and Interoperability test certification system.

[Corresponding Product]

Tgate 3.0 (2019.12)

CSA(Cloud Security Alliance) Members

Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is a not-for-profit organization
with the mission to "promote the use of best practices
for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing,
and to provide education on the uses of Cloud Computing
to help secure all other forms of computing."

[Corresponding Product]

Tgate SDP (2020.09)

Partner Reference

Leading companies choose leading products.

MLsoft, Inc. provides IP Control Management System,
IT Asset Management System, Common SW Management System
and Patch Management System to 2000 companies
and public institutions. MLsoft has been recognized by its
reliable technology and safety.

MLsoft, Inc. has the experience of installing management system
for large scale clients that have 150,000 PCs or more.
It is a company specialized in endpoint central control system
that has the biggest PC control technology in South Korea.







Customer Feedback

This is a testimony from customers who are satisfied with our products

Lotte Shopping

IT Operations

Kim Jong Wook Director

Through Tgate endpoint security, I was able to increase the overall asset
management accurately. By linking human resource DB with PC user
authentication, the concordance of raising the existing asset information
reached up to nearly 100% Now it’s much easier to manage and
control company assets

Shinhan Bank

Network Team

Shinhan Bank representatives

Through the next generation of IP Management system, TCO!secuIP offers
real-time user and terminal identification, making it possible to successfully
target and manage headquarters and 1,030 branches. Using IP management
system greatly improved the overall security and significantly strengthened the
management of PC and employees

Kumho Tires

Infrastructure Operations

Park Hyun Woo agency

Kumho tires has distribution manufacturer plant in many locations. TCO!secuIP is
currently being used for IP integrate management in GwangJu. I’m able to
effectively monitor, control and manage all IP’s without having to do it remotely.
Adopting TCO!secuIP to efficiently manage and block illegal IP has greatly
improved the security


SM Team

Deputy An Hong Ki

NongShim’s entire management uses TCO!stream to identify illegal and manage
software. It operates well without any problems

Gwangju Metropolitan City

ICT Implementation Team

Team Kim Jung Seop

Through TCO!secuIP, we centrally manage integration of all IP’s within the city
hall, its offices and six establishment. This allows effective handing, allocating
and issuing IP.

Mokpo National Maritime

Computer Room

Team Kim Jung Seop

TCO!secuIP collects and manages all IP information within the university.
Furthermore, a lot of IP problems have been solved by blocking the illegal use of
students wireless devices

Cyber Logitec

Infra Management Team

Senior Yu Seung Ju

Through Tgate, I was able to accurately match the human resource DB with the
software asset management,Also interlocking the AD to NAC helped to detect
and comply policies to non-authorized users without having to affect internal
network users.

Samgwang Medical Lab

Computer operation

Kim Jee Hoon

Through "TCO!secuIP", we collect and manage network IP information of
buildings distributed to 3 locations. It controls illegal IP usage and prevents IP
collisions caused by IP changes.

Changwon Fatima Hospital

Computer operation

Director Yu Yheong Ho

Previously, we were unable to effectively manage external devices such as
laptops due to division of several ward rooms within the hospital. However since
introducing TCO!secuIP, we are now able to greatly reduce internal network
security incidents by assigning an IP to only those approved devices

Samsung Changwon Hospital

Computer Maintenance

Director Yu Hyeong Ho

Samsung Changwon Hospital were already using an IP management system.
However, previous aging management system had a lot of flaws, so we were
unable to effectively manage and stop network security problems.
Since then, introduction of advanced TCO!secuIP, it does not have much flaws,
enabling us to manage network securely.

JC Entertainment

Business Support Division

Gu Mo Sung

Our company use an easy to use solution TCO!secuIP and TCO!stream for IP and
Asset management. Especially the simplified solution design for user interface
has made management process a lot quicker, which is a big advantage.
In addition, through detailed settings, system can be provided to match each
clients to for efficient management.


Head Office

 4054, Raemian Sur Retail Property, 28, Byeoryang-ro, Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Seoul Office

 7th Floor Woorim Lions Valley B, 19, Yangpyeong-ro 21 ga-gil, Yeondeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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