Integrated IP Management System

TCO!secuIP is an integrated IP management system that can control and efficiently manage all devices in complex and diverse network configuration environments.

Tgate IPM Overview

Centralized Management

Centralized management enables more efficient management with minimal manpower.

Block unauthorized IP

Prevents collisions with important equipment due to illegal IP use by unspecified network users.

Identify device type

It is helpful in establishing security policies as it can identify the type of device accessing the network.

Main Features

IP management is no longer an option.

Essential Networking Systems for Business

Tgate IPM Business

Powerful double blocking technology

  • 1st block (Logical)
    It is a basic block technology. Upon finding abnormal traffic, it immediately shuts down the communication. It is a technology that maintains network operation while fighting with worm and defending the network. In the worst case, it may not be able to prevent the switch load.
  • 2nd block (Physical)
    By directly shutting off problematic device and connected switch port, it effectively shuts down similar to a process of physically pulling out the LAN line. It is not an administrators’ manual shut down but smart cut-off technology that automatically figures out anomaly and shut it off.

Real-time high-speed detection technology

  • Faster than any other networking technology.
  • Detects events occurring in the terminal in real time and reports them to the administrator.
  • You can immediately know whether the endpoint is connected, powered on or off, or in conflict.

Device type classification technology

  • You can check various types of endpoints by type.
  • You can check the latest Android, iOS, Blackberry operating system devices.
  • From operating systems such as Windows and Linux to printers and Internet phone numbers, you can detect and check in real time, and you can immediately determine which terminal is connected.

Easy to deploy and proven reliability

  • It can be built simply by adding dedicated equipment to the current network configuration without changing any settings or replacing network equipment.
  • It is a solution with more than 10 years of endpoint networking technology accumulated and can be safely deployed and used.

Patented Fake Gateway Technology

Equipped with a networking engine using MLsoft's patented Fake Gateway technology, it is possible to apply and use immediately no matter how complex the network configuration environment is. As a technology that has been proven over the past 10 years, it is already being stably operated by more than 100 medium and large customers.

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